Santa Cruz Developmental Biology meeting

Looking to the future: open questions in developmental biology


SCDB2022 will be held August 13-17, 2022 at the University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA. This meeting was originally scheduled for August 2020 but postponed due to Covid-19. We look forward to seeing everyone in person in beautiful California!

Registration is now closed. We look forward to seeing you in Santa Cruz!

The Santa Cruz Developmental Biology Meeting is a small (~150 participants), open-registration, internationally recognized, single-platform conference. It has been held every other summer since 1992 on the beautiful campus of the University of California at Santa Cruz. The single-platform format allows the entire meeting to concentrate on one subject at a time and facilitates extensive dialogue between all of the conference attendees.

The 2022 meeting is organized around the theme: “Looking to the future: open questions in developmental biology”. Our goal is to highlight the top challenges facing the field, both conceptual and technical, as we seek fresh insights into the complex mechanisms underlying organismal development, tissue renewal, and the evolution of new forms. Talks will be from keynote, invited speakers, and chosen from the abstracts focussed on themes of:

  • How do cells make patterns?
  • How do cells work together to shape tissues?
  • How do tissues renew and regenerate?
  • How is the nervous system patterned and wired?
  • How do new patterns and shapes evolve?
  • What can new approaches teach us?